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About Colibrio

After having lived a few years in the United Kingdom and in Italy, we settled at the foot of the Chartreuse, near Grenoble.

Our story, is strewn with small coffee beans, and has been for many years as those who knew enought to interpret the signs can vouch. But it was by connecting these dots in 2017 that we decided to embark on the roasting of these little wonders.


Choosing slow roast with wood fire was an easy call to make, both for the taste of the coffee and for the enjoyment a wood fire brings us.

Our other priority is to choose organic coffees, and as far as possible fair-trade, not always an easy task. In any case, these two qualities are at the heart of our purchasing decisions.

We are committed to roasting our coffees close to the date of consumption so all of their aromas make it to your cup. If you can, do grind your beans as you prepare your drink - you don't want to lose a sniff of fragrance!

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