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An espresso -- the symbol of Italian coffee consumption is in fact quite complex to produce. It relies it strongly on the quality of the machine and the know-how of the barista! You know you've got it right when the crema is thick and without macrobubbles. Next, it's about the many different aromas. And then the taste: when you sip it ( can linger up to up to 20 minutes on the taste buds!)


Coffee: 7 to 7.5g

Grind: fine

Water: 100 to 150 ml

Step by step

Preheat the cups.

Fill the filter holder with ground coffee. Tamp the coffee.

Insert the filter holder and begin the extraction process. If you want a slightly weaker coffee or more liquid, we recommend that you add hot water to your espresso instead of choosing a longer drink from the machine.

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