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The main reason we got started? The TASTE of a good coffee !! No doubt about it, we're addicted!

And we'd love to be able to make you taste and discover a good coffee! There is really plenty to taste!

Especially since in our opinion the sweetness and the scent of the wood fire add a little je ne sais quoi!

Just as wines has limitless terroirs - you really can grow it in any type of earth - with each region, each field, bringing its own nutrients and nuance to the flavour. The same is true of coffee.

The coffee terroirs are limitless, just like those of wine. The combination of terroirs and varieties is an infinite space that we love and invite you to discover together!



The world of coffee and its culture is huge. Taste buds ahead, come and discover a world in continuous evolution! Ditch the burnt robusta that has been forced on us for too long! For lack of alternative, we believed for a long time that coffee was that! Far  from us to reject Robusta (used sparingly though!), but there are so many flavor nuances it would be a shame not to discover them!


Respect for the environment

All our green coffees are organic. It was a clear decision we made from the start. Our bags are compostable. In each decision we take we have respect for the environment in mind. It's a constant challenge! We will not be perfect from the start, for example we have not yet taken the steps to be labeled AB, so you will not see an organic logo on your package, but we are working on it! And do not hesitate to challenge us on this or that point. It is by working together that we will have a greener world!

A fair price

By choosing terroir coffees from small producers, we are also choosing to support sustainable agriculture and fairer prices for producers. This choice has an impact on the purchase price of green coffee, and ultimately on the purchase price of your pack of coffee. But it is once you have tasted our coffees that you will be able to recognise the difference!

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